Who Sang Watching the News? Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop Zombie Birdhouse cover art
writers: Iggy Pop, Robert Duprey
release date: 1982-9
genres: Rock Pop
styles: Alternative Rock/Hard Rock/Punk
length: 4:13
producer: Chris Stein
lead vocals: Iggy Pop
engineer: Joe Arlotta and Butch Jones
guitar: Rob Duprey
keyboard: Rob Duprey
drums (drum set): Clem Burke
bass guitar: Rob Duprey
writer: Iggy Pop, Rob Duprey
Watching the news
The plot you already know
Don't have anything
They don't belong to anywhere
Imagining things to be perfectly white
Who are these people?
They don't belong
Where's the u.s. navy?

I like the action
Money money
Food here
Woman woman
Fight here
Approval approval
Frown frown
My daughter's not some damn hamburger chainsaw
In a parking lot
She trips
Quick quick
Won't somebody help me?

She carries that television on her back
As I watch the news
That's the russians
Carry the television
Money money
Carry the television
Food here
**** here
**** here
Fight here
Get out
You don't count

The president today announced that he's pushing all the buttons in a giggling fit
Ha ha ha ha
You already know
Makes you feel good
Makes you feel so good
I want to be on
I want to be on
So good crying
I want to be on
The news

I want to be known
I want to be known
I want to be on
I want to be known
Come on everybody knows that everybody's watching the news

Watching? watching?
It's something about crime, crime, crime
I like to watch
But I like to
What do you want?
What do you want?
What do you want?
Legs rush, legs rush, legs rush, legs
Scary, scary, damn scary
Come all ye faithful ye joyful triumphant

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