Who Sang Autumn Song? Incognito

Incognito Adventures in Black Sunshine cover art
writers: Edouard Jean Maunick, Graham Donald Harvey
release date: 2004-7-14
genres: Electronic Jazz Funk / Soul
styles: Fusion/Acid Jazz/Jazz-Funk
length: 5:43
producer: Jean-Paul Maunick and Simon Cotsworth
membranophone: Richard Bailey
piano: Matt Cooper
lead vocals: Maysa
trumpet: Dominic Glover
mixer: Simon Cotsworth
engineer: Simon Cotsworth
Rhodes piano: Graham Harvey
bass: Graham Harvey
flute: Andy Ross
background vocals: Tyrone Henry, Gail Evans, Imaani and Tony Momrelle
guitar: Jean-Paul Maunick
percussion: Thomas Dyani
saxophone: Andy Ross
trombone: Nichol Thomson
synthesizer: Matt Cooper
flugelhorn: Dominic Glover
strings programming: Ski Oakenfull
The leaves were down
Long before the autumn winds arrived
The leaves were down
Long before the autumn winds arrived

Why didn't you hear me
All the times I told you that love was gone
No you never heard me
‘Cause I know there was too much on your mind

Runnin' around in a circle, (tryin' to catch up to myself)
Runnin' out of time
Losin' myself in the darkness, (every time I played my hand)
I was losin' every time
I knew I'd given all that I could give
That's why it had to end this way, (this way)

[repeat chorus]

I know that I hurt you
At a time you needed me there
Yes you did, yes I know (yes I know)
But my heart had been broken
And my mind was no longer there
I had to go, yes I did

[repeat refrain]

[The leaves were down
Long before the autumn winds arrived]
Long before the autumn winds arrived
[The leaves were down]
Before the summer sun had gone
[Long before the autumn winds arrived]
I’m sorry that it had to be this way...

Love was gone...

[repeat chorus]

CD 1
  • 1 Don't Turn My Love Away
  • 2 Everything Your Heart Desires
  • 3 Close My Eyes
  • 4 The 25th Chapter
  • 5 True to Myself
  • 6 The Principles of Love
  • 7 This Thing Called Love
  • 8 Fences and Barriers
  • 9 Mindin' My Business
  • 10 Autumn Song
  • 11 Listen to the Music
  • 12 Mr Jones
  • 13 The World Is Mine
  • 14 Beyond the Clouds
  • 15 All I Want Is You