Who Sang If I Could? Innuendo

Some other versions of "If I Could"
release date: 1997
genres: Funk / Soul Pop
length: 5:45
producer: Ahmad Izham Omar
vocal: Innuendo
mixer: Illegal and Paul Moss
engineer: Illegal and Paul Moss
arranger: Ahmad Izham Omar
guitar: Farid Ali
girl I wished I'd never known you
and I wished I'd never loved you
should've never ever held you
let along keep thinking of you
the smell of your perfume
still lingers in my room
I can never forget
why figure on that side of bed
how I wish
you'd never ever leave me
I can resist but reminisce
I'll cease to exist
baby please
make room to forgive me
I can't replace that pretty face
I can never love again
if I could I would've brought you here
and turn back the time
when you were mine and we would vow
this love will never die
if I could I'd never say those words
that hurts you so bad
so baby please..I'm on my knees
gotta come back
if I could I would've told you
that I'm over you
would've never ever let you
see me crying for you
but everytime I go to sleep
thoughts of you keep haunting me
how the heck can I bear
your sweet laughter's in the air
how I wish
you'd tell me I am dreaming
I have no choice.., I miss your voice
girl you have to make it ring
baby please
I can't go through another day
I can't go back, I can't live baby
so tell me what I have to do
oh baby
tell me what I have to do
I've been losing sleep and I just can eat
without you, no one will do
baby please , sugar please
you never can deny
what we had was good , and it's so good
take my hand , come home
so whenever you need me just come home
if you're willing to forgive me , come home
you'll know I'll be around , come home
I'm so lonely....lonely....come home

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  • Album Information
    label: Positive Tone
    country(area): Malaysia
    format: CD
    barcode: 9556998000085
    script: Latin