Ja Rule - Holla Holla Lyrics

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[Chorus: x2]
(Holla Holla)
All my *****s thats ready to get (dollas dollas)
*****es know what can get 'em a little (hotta hotta)
Come on if you roll'n wit me (follow follow)
Its murder

Think you ****in' wit Ja nada
What'cha want to go dolla for dolla? (holla holla)
My *****s is (hotta hotta)
****s plenty *****es and dug *****es for pretty *****s
You look in my eyes and tell me they style ain't ridiculous
(*****es *****es) pop the puss and bounce like (hit it hit it)
Sure if your favorite is long (get it get it) baby baby
Don't you want to leave tonight and **** wit me
'cause we really need to be freakin' off at any cost
Its on me, if you married, then get a divorce
When I hits it, some women get twisted
Have 'em twitchin', like "damn look what the **** did"
I just want to hit it the worst way, right after a long day
And put the puss on lay-a-way, heard me?
I'm that, dirty ***** that get you hot, and heat it
Baby girl if you wanted ***, why don't you eat it?

[Chorus: x2]

Let me holla at my true thugs
If *****s want war, bust slugs
*****, what? I'm hotta hotta and just can't be touched
Plus anybody that ****s wit me, gonna get felt
How many want it? determines how the slugs get dealt
'cause I split em split em
Choke then *****s like roaches and then (clip em clip em)
Long as I'm alive I'ma (hit em hit em)
Respect mines to the day of my demise
Don't **** wit me 'cause the flows (killa killa)
Whoever ever who wants it?
Its yours, now your gonna (get it get it)
(feela feela) ***** full of holes
Threat em like hoes and show no love to them homo thugs
Its us you want to **** with
As soon as them slugs skip from body to body
Go from brave to *****
I don't respect it plus *****s committed treason
Who want it with Ja? who ready to die breathing

[Chorus: x2]

Ja baby, one of the many many *****s who sip hennessy
Wit the two seaters, sit'n on twenties
I, I be wit runnin' in, runnin' out
Then, thou bestow hit em up, gun em down
*****s ain't ready for Ja, anyways anyhow
I give it give it go *****s, claimin' that they live it
Real (*****s *****s) brandish then iron and flash
Like (hold this hold this) when you got nothin' to live for
Notice, *****s be hot, and more explosive
Focus, ready to rip em up wit the dope, this
My life, *****s is frontin' and stuntin' for nothin'
Better act right, fore I spark and dim your light?
I'ma hasard to *****s, a bastard
To *****es, when in doubt, go for stealth, and clap the finish
Anything movin rightfully hit for wrong doing
I'ma follow and encourage all my *****s to what?


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