Who Sang One of Us? Ja Rule

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publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Irving Lorenzo, Jeffrey Atkins, Robert Mays
release date: 2000-10-9
length: 5:59
(One of us) Yeah, Rule
(One of us) Yeah, *****
If God were one of us
(One of us) What about that?
What if he was?
What if he was me?
(One of us) What the **** would I do?

Lord, when I die pacify, crucify me
I rock a Devil cross, one's for the soul one's for the body
If I'm built then God dies, I want to see God cry
Real tears from a burned out life in ten years
I swear I got the Devil in me, with no fear
If I hear I can't see, if I can't see I can't hear
It's the eerie little thing between deathness and blindness
Weakness and kindness, rejects and primas
I'm on this when I'm hollerin' "Dear, Lord take me" (One of us)
'cause I ain't really happy here, can you blame me?
It's game done changed me, made me an animal
I can't even laugh no more, my kids smile for me now
I'm the one-and-only, my momma's only child
Lord, save me before I go crazy
'cause if you, live through the strangest
To die from the pain
Tell me, would you believe that you could breathe again?

If God were one of us (One of us)
Would he sin and love to lie? I want to know
If God were one of us (One of us)
Would he freakin' live his life? I want to know
If God were one of us (One of us)
Would he use his name in vain? I need to know
If God were one of us (One of us)
Would he believe that he could breathe again?

Yo, yo
Now let's look at things from a right hand
Would if you was that man
Would you run wit me? Gun wit me?
Would you understand the husstlin', the struggling
Livin' the most dope heads, raisin' your kids and runnin' from the Feds
We'd be bound to bump heads, 'cause you livin' my life
All righteous, and you said livin' righteous was right
But there's two sides to life, one dark, one light
If you lighten up forever you can dig to the night
Wrap them guns over there, and bring 'em on ova' here (One of us)
'cause my God is bigger down your god down here
Now we ride jet sled baby, bubble in Ba-Namb
'cause Rule and the Lord got it goin' on
Been, know to do, bad ****, I'm so heavenly, butt so devilish
If, you, live through the strangest to die from the pain, tell me
Would you believe that you could breathe again?


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yo
Let's trade places, Rule be Spirit, God be flesh
And let's see just how, weak the flesh gets
Now you call on me, "Every night bend your knee"
Until your start to realize I ain't answerin'
Now you hang up the phone, Lord, pick up the chrome, Lord
Can I blame you, Lord, for needin'a feed what's yours
Got a wife that you love, yet you still lust whores
And I'm supposted to judge you, on earth where it's ugly
You might as well aim at the sky, slug me (One of us)
'cause I ain't bein' a Fair God, when life is so hard
I know what'cha goin' through, every move you make
Every crime committed every little mistake
I still got love for ya, fair is fair
As long as you repent you'll be good up here (Baby)
'cause if you live through the, strangest to die from the pain, tell me
Would you believe that you could breathe again?

[Chorus: x4]

Yeah, uh
Yeah, uh, yeah, c'mon, tell me
Uhh, man, c'mon tell me
One of us, heheahah
If God were one of us
Murda Inc. ****
*****, ain't nothin' touchin' me
J to the A are-you-L-E *****
C'mon, c'mon
Ha, ha, come and get me *****s
I want to know
Yeah, yeah
Tell me, tell me
Can you hear me?
Would he believe that he could breathe again?

[Repeat: x12]
(One of us)

Murda Inc. ****
Heh, Ja Rule, Slow Rob
Irv Gotti, Rebel, uhh
Get it right
Black Child, day's on
We all in here, Big D
Huh, uh, Chris Gotti
Wuss' happenin' nigg
Uh, s'murda, uh, s'murda, uhh, s'murda, uh
This ain't ****in' wit ya

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    label: Def Jam Recordings
    country(area): United Kingdom
    format: CD
    barcode: 731454293426
    script: Latin