Jackie Wilson - Doggin' Around Lyrics

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You better stop yeah doggin' me around
If you stop yeah, I'm going to putyou down
Cause, I can't take it much longer
My heart is getting weak, it's not getting any stronger
You keep me upset, my heads in a whirl,
But if you wanna be my girl
You better stop yeah doggin' me around
Cause if you don't stop yeah, I'm gonna put you down
Now you know you go out nights, to have yourself a ball
Sometimes you don't make ithome at all
I don't mind you having yourself a real good time,
But now what are you trying to do ,trying to make me loose my mind
You better stop yeah, doggin' me around
If you don't stop I'm gonna put you down
Yes put you down, I don't want to do it,
But I'll put you down,I love you baby, but
Still I'll put you down

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