Who Sang Lights and Virtues? Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne World in Motion cover art
release date: 1989-6-5
genres: Rock Pop
styles: Folk Rock/Soft Rock/Pop Rock
length: 4:46
membranophone: Michael Jochum
lead vocals: Jackson Browne
mixer: David Tickle
recording engineer: James Geddes
guitar: Kevin Dukes
keyboard: Scott Thurston
slide guitar: Jackson Browne
bass guitar: Scott Thurston
composer: Jackson Browne
lyricist: Jackson Browne
Here's to lights and virtues
Here's to truths yet to be known
Knowledge to light the darkness
The search for things of your own

Here's to lights and virtues
Here's to reaching higher ground
A life of hope and purpose
Here's to strength yet to be found
Honor, though it goes unrecognized
And truth, though liars abound

The pleasure of love and friendship
The courage to be alone

CD 1
  • 1 World in Motion
  • 2 Enough of the Night
  • 3 Chasing You Into the Light
  • 4 How Long
  • 5 Anything Can Happen
  • 6 When the Stone Begins to Turn
  • 7 The Word Justice
  • 8 My Personal Revenge
  • 9 I Am a Patriot
  • 10 Lights and Virtues