Who Sang Tender Is the Night? Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne Lawyers in Love cover art
publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: Danny Kortchmar, Jackson Browne, Russ Kunkel
release date: 1983
genres: Rock Pop Folk, World, & Country
styles: Pop Rock/Classic Rock
length: 4:53
producer: Jackson Browne and Greg Ladanyi
membranophone: Russ Kunkel
lead vocals: Jackson Browne
mixer: Greg Ladanyi
recording engineer: Greg Ladanyi and James Geddes
background vocals: Doug Haywood and Rick Vito
organ: Doug Haywood
guitar: Rick Vito and Jackson Browne
keyboard: Craig Doerge
bass guitar: Bob Glaub
writer: Danny Kortchmar, Russ Kunkel, Jackson Browne
Between the darkness on the street
And the houses filling up with light
Between the stillness in my heart
And the roar of the approaching night
Somebody's calling after somebody
Somebody turns the corner out of sight
Looking for somebody
Somewhere in the night
Tender is the night
Tender, when you hold your baby tight
Tender, tender are the motions, tender is the night
Between a life that we expected
And the way it's always been
I can't walk back in again
After the way we fight
When just outside there are people laughing
Living lives we used to lead
Chasing down the love they need
Somewhere in the night
Tender is the night
Tender, and the benediction of the neon light
Tender, tender are the hunters, tender is the night
You're gonna want me tonight
When you're ready to surrender
Forget about who's right
When you're ready to remember
It's another world at night
When you're ready to be tender
Tender, tender tender
Tender, tender tender

And in the hard light of an angry sun
No one remembers what was said or done
Tender are the words they choose
You win, I win, we lose
Tender is the night
The benediction of the neon light
Tender are the hunters
Tender is the night
When they hold each other tight
Tender are the undercover
The stranger and the secret lover
Tender are the motions
Tender is the night
When you hold your baby tight
Tender, tender, tender
Tender, tender, tender

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