Jah Cure - What Will It Take Lyrics

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Eah!!, da da da da dine... jah who I and I
Baby, only for you
Lady, only for you

What will take my love to show you
Am still in love with u
What will take my love to show you
How much my love is true

Feeling she gave to me, makes me feel so brand new.
Love u forever eav, there is no other like you

Baby, I know I hurt you twice,
Promise I'll never hurt you no more.
Although I know its not nice,
Promise I will never go back through that door.
Although you got your choice, please make sure the verses are cure.
Ill make my sacrifice, only you, no one before!!


Baby, no one but you. Umm

Many of times Ive tried it, baby I cant deny it.
I just cant live my live a day in this world with out you


You a no, nuh, nuh-no, eah eah!!!

This is so special, I tell u girl.
For some one special, living in my world
Its only for u.
The things that I do-o, baby!!
Girl open your heart and let your love through
Like ever ocean sure, where the rivers run through
Back to the arms of the cure, where she wanna run to

Let me tell you for sure, you well come back too
Baby, anytime you want too.
Lady, my love is gonna to haunt you
Umm... yeah!!


Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 True Reflections
  • 2 Dem Nuh Build Great Man (feat. Fantan Mojah)
  • 3 Longing For
  • 4 To Your Arms of Love
  • 5 What Will It Take
  • 6 Love You
  • 7 Same Way
  • 8 Searching for a Girl
  • 9 Jamaica
  • 10 Cease All War
  • 11 Share the Love (feat. Gentleman)
  • 12 Love Is
  • 13 The Sound
  • 14 Conga Man
  • 15 Most High Cup Full