B.S.U.R. Lyrics - James Taylor

James Taylor Flag cover art
release date: 1979-5
genres: Rock Pop
styles: Folk Rock/Soft Rock
length: 3:22
producer: Peter Asher
lead vocals: James Taylor
mixer: Val Garay
electric guitar: Danny Kortchmar
recording engineer: Val Garay
background vocals: Peter Asher and Carly Simon
acoustic guitar: James Taylor
drums (drum set): Russ Kunkel
electric piano: Don Grolnick
assistant mixer: George Ybara
assistant recording engineer: George Ybara
additional recording engineer assistant recording engineer: Lincoln Clapp and Michael O’Reilly
bass guitar: Leland Sklar
cowbell: Steve Forman
organ: Don Grolnick
composer: James Taylor
lyricist: James Taylor
She's been holding on too long
Hoping I'm gonna change
Giving it up just a little bit more
Each time I come home
Looking and acting strange
Putting her down for putting up with me

Be as you are
As you see as I am I am
Be as you are
As you see as I am I am

Do you think you might improve me
Trying to take control
Watching every little thing I do
Just like a bleeding movie
Just like a leading role
Mama, this ain't me and I don't
Believe that's you

- Chorus -

First you make believe
I believe the things
That you make believe
And I'm bound to let you down
Then it's I who have been deceiving
Purposely misleading
And all along you believed in me

So we circle around one another
Playing a [not "I"] guessing game
Strangers at this masquerade
Pretending to know each other
We strain to catch a name
And never see the mistakes we must have made

- Chorus -

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