Jennifer Brown - Alive Lyrics

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Have you seen a mother kiss her son goodbye ?
Have you seen a dark cloud fight a silver line ?
I have seen a loved one tell a million lies
Karma´s like a boomerang whirling deep inside

I may not know a thing about you
You may not know a thing about me
But if we´re free,then

We´re alive
Take a breath because, we´re alive
Take a breath, we´re alive

Put me on an airplane, let´s fly up to the sky
Help me laugh with angels who just want to get me high
Let´s drive down this highway and leave our fears at home,
And let this twisting , winding road decide which way we go

You may not know a thing about me.
I don´t know a thing about you
But let´s enjoy the view


Take a breath, take a deep breath
Take a breath, take a deep breath

Don´t take yourself so seriously
Live life for the mystery
Life´s for the mystery

We may wear different clothes and pray to Gods in different robes
But we´re not alone


Track Listing
  • 1 Tuesday Afternoon
  • 2 Two in the Morning
  • 3 Walls
  • 4 Paper Crown
  • 5 Alive
  • 6 Nobody Knows Me Like You Do
  • 7 Naked (When I Take Off All My Clothes)
  • 8 Chico (Painted Hands)
  • 9 Trembling
  • 10 Rose Colored Glasses
  • 11 Past Life
  • 12 Daddy's Gone

  • Album Information
    country(area): Sweden
    script: Latin