Jewel - Rosey and Mick Lyrics

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Mick came home late last night
He drank enough beer to take the edge off a knife
And she opened the door, looking older than before

He said, "Rosey, you're too good a girl"
She let him in, he lifted up her dress
Like an apology began to kiss her neck
And he felt much relieved as the ceiling fan tapped out a broken melody

And she said, "Do you remember when we were younger and angry words were said,
Making up was always your favorite part
Well, I ain't young no more
And I'm sorry will not mend a broken heart."

He came home threw his things on the floor
She worked up the courage to say what she never had before
But the words got lost inside
He got that look in his eye as the sun went shining on


Well the judge knew well Mick was a violent man
She got a few headlines, she got a slap on the hand
And there ain't no villains and there ain't no heroes
People on both sides of the tracks trying to add up a whole bunch of zeros
And time marches on until it's all gone


Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Stronger Woman
  • 2 I Do
  • 3 Love is a Garden
  • 4 Rosey and Mick
  • 5 Anyone But You
  • 6 Thump, Thump
  • 7 Two Become One
  • 8 Till It Feels Like Cheating
  • 9 Everything Reminds Me of You
  • 10 Loved by You (Cowboy Waltz)
  • 11 Perfectly Clear