Lover Lover Lyrics - Jimmy Barnes

Jimmy Barnes 30:30 Hindsight cover art
release date: 2014-8-29
length: 3:31
It's been a long time baby
I just got to thinking maybe
You could come and meet me half way
We could get it on together
Cause I can't wait to see you baby
When I think of how you touch me

Lover, lover come to me
Lover love my fantasy
Lover lover come to me
Come to me and be with me tonight ohhhh

Thought that I could live without you
And live without your heartbeat on me
Or your breath beside my body
But I miss you by my side

Lover lover set me free
Lover love my fantasy
Lover lover set me free
Come with me and be with me tonight, yeah

So move it because time's a wasting
It's killing me anticipating
But don't you keep me here oh waiting
I'm hanging on my own again

Lover lover
I said set me free
Lover lover
You're my fantasy

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