Sweat It Out Lyrics - Jimmy Barnes

Jimmy Barnes Heat cover art
publisher: ©EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: James Dixon Barnes
release date: 1993
genres: Rock Blues
styles: Blues Rock/Hard Rock/Pop Rock
length: 4:07
Heat goes up and rain won't fall
We've run so far it's time to crawl
And we all forget each lesson learned
We played with fire and now we'll all get burned
Gonna have to sweat it out

Can't ignore it or pass the blame
While lovers walk in acid rain
Feed the world was just a song
They want to bleed the world and build a bomb

Gonna have to sweat it out
But how long will it take
Til the message gets through to you
A change is due, starting here with me and you

Gonna have to sweat it out
Gonna have to work it out

And politicians, theives and banks
Together help us all walk the plank
They offered us the very best
Until our souls are repossessed

If we're so sharp, how come we're falling apart
We've been the fools
We've kept on bending the rules
Our rise and fall has taken no time at all
For what it's worth the meek inherit the earth
What's left behind just makes them angry and blind
Too late to try, just kiss the whole world goodbye

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