Who Sang Just an Old Truth Teller? Jimmy Buffett

release date: 1998-4-28
genres: Rock Latin Folk, World, & Country
styles: Zydeco/Cajun/Country/Soft Rock/Folk Rock/Cubano/Country Rock
length: 3:35
composer: Jimmy Buffett
lyricist: Jimmy Buffett

I'm just an old truth teller
I'm your candid friend
I'm not some daydream seller
I do not pretend
I've a sense of survival
And screwing my rivals
That's labeled me crossed and uncouth
But I can't help it I just tell the truth
He can't help it, he just tells the truth

I'm just an old truth teller
Brutally direct
I see it eye for eye
I'm rarely incorrect
Why call me a sharp trader
A corporate raider
I'm a role model for today's youth
It's so simple, I just tell the truth
He can't help it, he just tells the truth


Why was I born to be right all the time
In deal after deal after deal
Foiling those sharks that are circling my penthouse
Hoping to make a meal

No good deed goes unpunished
Nothing goes as planed
My ingrate family left me
I don't understand

Where's your wife?
In Alaska
Any sons?
In Nebraska
And my daughter milks cows in Duluth
I can't help it, I just tell the truth
Ohh he can't help it, he just sells it
he can't help, he just tells it
I can't help, I just tell the truth

  • 1 Intro-The Legend of Norman Paperman/Kinja
  • 2 Public Relations
  • 3 Calaloo
  • 4 Island Fever
  • 5 Sheila Says
  • 6 Just an Old Truth Teller
  • 7 Henny's Song: The Key to My Man
  • 8 Kinja Rules
  • 9 A Thousand Steps to Nowhere
  • 10 It's All About the Water
  • 11 Champagne Si, Agua No
  • 12 Public Relations (reprise)
  • 13 The Handiest Frenchman in the Caribbean
  • 14 Hippolyte's Habitat (Qui Moun' Qui)
  • 15 Who Are We Trying to Fool?
  • 16 Fat Person Man
  • 17 Up on the Hill
  • 18 Domicile
  • 19 Funeral Dance
  • 20 Time to Go Home