Who Sang Turnabout? Jimmy Buffett

release date: 2005-3-28
length: 4:20
As large as life she stood there
Kissed my cheek and called my old nickname
And though several years had passed
Both of us still looked quite the same
I said hi relaxed a bit
Then asked her how she'd been all these years
She told me she was feeling fine
Came to see a friend who lived up here

Told me she had finished school
And then went on to college for a year
I asked if she had married
Slowly down her cheek there came a tear
She said just an itchy eye
It must be the weather way up here
Told her I can't stand the cold
It freezes me and I can't feel my ears

We talked a bit about Mobile
And thought about how it has never changed
I told her I was a comin' home
To spend some time and hoped it wouldn't rain
She asked if she could see me then
And we could spend some time now and then
Because I lived so far away
Was still no chance why we could not be friends

I drove her to the waiting plane
Watched that big jet streaking through the sky
Thought about the sad young girl
And the time that I just saw her cry
That flame must still be burning bright
I think I'll catch a later flight today
It's time for me to go on home
And spend a day or two down by the bay

CD 1
  • 1 Christian
  • 2 Ellis Dee
  • 3 Richard Frost
  • 4 The Missionary
  • 5 A Mile High in Denver
  • 6 The Captain and the Kid
  • 7 Captain America
  • 8 Ain’t He a Genius
  • 9 Turnabout
  • 10 There’s Nothing Soft About Hard Times
  • 11 I Can’t Be Your Hero Today
  • 12 Truckstop Salvation
    CD 2
  • 1 Ace
  • 2 Rockfeller Square
  • 3 Bend a Little
  • 4 In the Shelter
  • 5 Death Valley Lives
  • 6 High Cumberland Dilemma
  • 7 Livingstone’s Gone to Texas
  • 8 England
  • 9 Traveling Clean
  • 10 The Hangout Gang
  • 11 God Don’t Own a Car
  • 12 High Cumberland Jubilee / Comin’ Down Slow