Jimmy Eat World - Here It Goes 歌詞

On, it's on
I declare my room a scene
Gone, then gone
It's too much that they say you need
It's not perfection, yeah
How boring if it is
Nothing new for me

Light on up
With everybody watching you
Lights go down
Everything is yours to lose
First dancer takes the floor
Laugh what you can't ignore
Whatcha' gonna do

Waiting for attention
I'm not
Cut it to the left
And I rock
Need an invitation
I don't
Slide it to the right
And I roll

Here it goes
Crowning up the cool kid queen
There it goes
The competition show their teeth
I'll let them fight it out
It's just my party now
What I want to be

Stand on up
Everyone in cue and costume
We've got to stare on out
Don't get sucked in for a second
Robots might say your name
They only light the stage
Nothing there to prove

[Chorus x2]

Hey Hey Hey Hey
Don't accept critique or credit
Hey Hey Hey Hey
Definition always changes
It's not the same as yours
You could be so much more
The closer that you get

Oooh ooooh, oooh ooooh
Oooh ooooh, oooh ooooh
Oooh ooooh, oooh ooooh
Oooh ooooh,

[Chorus x2]

CD 1
  • 1 Big Casino
  • 2 Let It Happen
  • 3 Always Be
  • 4 Carry You
  • 5 Electable (Give It Up)
  • 6 Gotta Be Somebody's Blues
  • 7 Feeling Lucky
  • 8 Here It Goes
  • 9 Chase This Light
  • 10 Firefight
  • 11 Dizzy
  • 12 Be Sensible
  • 13 Distraction