Joe - Magic Lyrics

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A day for so much fun
I had my white T on
Had on my new Air Ones
I was gonna pull out the coupe and drop the top
I was gonna ride around and hug the block
Then she called and said I'm on my way
I got a few hours, I might as well as stay
Now I'm gonna lay back and watch her drop her top
Now I'm gonna record the shit rewind and watch
Ooh ooh ooh ooh now after 2 hours of footage
Ooh ooh ooh ooh her body couldn't continue to do it
Ooh ooh ooh ooh she looks at me and says please don't go nowhere
Give me a second to breathe

It must be magic
She loves the way I give her the magic
She wants a sugar daddy
She wants me to keep giving her the magic
She loves it cause I can do it all

Why she show up at my door like this
She got me feeling like a bad wish
Yall already know what this is
Girl it's magical
Her body screaming tear it up
And them knocks look like buttercups
Now its time that I lay you down
And take you to the third round
And you been waiting all day
Or you just missing me
Don't worry girl I ain't going nowhere
I'm right where I wanna be

[Repeat Chorus]

I'll have yo calling my name
Backing it up and gripping the bed frame
Can't wait to get inside ya
I'm getting so excited
See I you don't think yall know my name
I can make sick loving like David Blain
I'll having yo ass going insane
Doing shit you ain't did with yo man

[Repeat Chorus]

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