Who Sang A Brand New Song? John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp Life, Death, Love and Freedom cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: John Mellencamp
release date: 2008-7-15
genres: Rock
styles: Country Rock/Rock & Roll
length: 3:57
In the sweet belly of the moment
When you realize you've changed
And everything you're after
Has gone down the drain
You're nothing more than just a drifter
As you walk down your road
Not exactly the picture
You thought you'd be sending home
All these places mean nothing
It's the people we count on
Here without a purpose
Gone without a song

Yesterday seemed so sudden
Today seems to have no end
So you button up the buttons
Say goodbye to what has been
Those black and white pictures
That file through your veins
That's the trouble with the future
It always stays the same
And your pride's been shaken
And those people you count on
Here without a purpose
And gone without a song
Without a song

In the uncertainty of a new day
Opportunity may howl
You hear the voice in a new way
In the past you didn't know how
You're old enough to know the difference
Between and enemy and a friend
With the eyes of knowledge upon you
You're able to stand up again
Life is always in motion
And there's new people to count on
Here you may find a purpose
And sing a brand new song

Life is always in motion
New people to count on
Here we find a purpose
To sing a brand new song
Brand new song
Sing a brand new song

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