Who Sang Case 795 (The Family)? John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp Human Wheels cover art
publisher: ©EMI Music Publishing
writers: John Mellencamp
release date: 1993-9-7
genres: Rock Pop
styles: Folk Rock/Rock & Roll
length: 5:16
Tony Jones stabbed Alice Jones
On their first anniversary
Down in Dallas, Texas
In a small apartment
With nobody present
He pulled out a knife
And he stuck it to her
He left her bleeding
On the floor in the kitchen
With cake on her fingers
And her wedding ring holding
In her hand was a note
That said the wicked must suffer
And he drove off quickly
To his girlfriend's apartment
But who really suffers in the end?
It's easy enough for us to pretend that

Everything's all right with the family
Everything is safe here at home
Everything's all right with the family
The beds are made but there's no sheets on

From the courtroom stand
Tony said he was sorry
That he was sad and mixed up
And he didn't know what he was doing
That he'd always loved Alice
And he begged for forgiveness
So he threw himself
On the mercy of the jury
And he told how his father
Had beat and abused him
Back in grade school
In the basement den
And that maybe prison
Was the best thing for him
And he said, "Oh God, can you forgive me?" yeah
But who really suffers in the end?
It's easy enough for us all to pretend that


How many days does it take to make us weak?
And how many hours do people spend lonely?
In the heart of the heart the family lay dying
The ruin of a nation lies at our feet, yeah

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

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