Who Sang Mean? John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp Life, Death, Love and Freedom cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: John Mellencamp
release date: 2008-7-15
genres: Rock
styles: Country Rock/Rock & Roll
length: 2:35
I'm not following your frame of mind
Complaining about this life all the time
Surely something good here as the world spins by
Could you please stop being so mean

This will never work out that's what you say
It's the end of the world again yesterday
When I see you coming at me I'm gonna walk away
You need to stop being so mean

Your outlook is haunting us all
Like the ghost of our love down at the dark end of the hall
If you can't say nothing good then don't say nothing at all
And you need to stop being so mean

Your road seems so narrow to me
You're a big boat up the river blowing off steam
My head is spinning from your company
Could you please stop being so mean


CD 1
  • 1 Longest Days
  • 2 My Sweet Love
  • 3 If I Die Sudden
  • 4 Troubled Land
  • 5 Young Without Lovers
  • 6 John Cockers
  • 7 Don't Need This Body
  • 8 A Ride Back Home
  • 9 Without a Shot
  • 10 Jena
  • 11 Mean
  • 12 County Fair
  • 13 For the Children
  • 14 A Brand New Song