Who Sang Summer of Love? John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp John Mellencamp cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
release date: 1998-10-6
genres: Rock
styles: Rock & Roll/Classic Rock
length: 4:02
Exotic cars scream down the sunset of dreams
On a hot sunny afternoon
I'm in a hot dog stand
With a strange love holding my hand
And we're both playin' it real cool

It's the summer of love
It's the summer of love, baby
It's the summer of love
Leastways, I'm hopin' it is

So we talk about her favorite movie star or something
She says, "Ya know, I've never done this before" (Yeah, sure)
"I know it sounds strange, but I can't remember your name
But I remember last night on the floor"
And we both laughed like she told a joke or something
She takes her neckerchief off and wraps it around my head
And says, "Hey, you"

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

So we both walk along alone
She says, "Hey, Mister, you sure make a strange kind of lover"
And I say "yeah"
I say "yeah"

Leastways, I'm thinkin' it just might be

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  • 2 Your Life Is Now
  • 3 Positively Crazy
  • 4 I'm Not Running Anymore
  • 5 It All Comes True
  • 6 Eden Is Burning
  • 7 Where the World Began
  • 8 Miss Missy
  • 9 Chance Meeting at the Tarantula
  • 10 Break Me Off Some
  • 11 Summer of Love
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