Johnny Cash - Mama, You've Been on My Mind 歌詞

When you wake up in the morning baby, look inside your mirror
I won't be next to you
You know I won't be near
I'd be curious to know if your reflection is as clear
As the one that I've got on my mind
Mama you been on my mind

Well perhaps it's the wind
And the dark dark night that's covering
The crossroads that I'm at
And maybe it's the weather or somethin' like that
But mama, you been on my mind
Mama, you been on my mind

Well I don't need trouble please don't put me down, don't get upset
I am not pleading I won't say I'll forget
And I won't pace a floor bowed down and bent, but yet
Mama you been on my mind
Mama you been on my mind

Even though my mind is hazy and my thoughts are kinda narrow
Where you been don't bother me
Or bring me down with sorrow
It don't matter to me where you'll be waking up tomorrow
But mama you been on my mind
Mama you been on my mind

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