Beyond the Clouds Lyrics - Journey

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publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Thom (usa 1) Bell, Leroy Bell, Casey James, Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, James C. D'Agostino, Jermaine Cole, Marsha Ambrosius
release date: 2005-8-24
genres: Rock
styles: Symphonic Rock/Hard Rock/Classic Rock
length: 6:57
producer: Kevin Elson
lead vocals: Steve Augeri
mixer: Mike Fraser
engineer: Mike Fraser and Tom Size
background vocals: Deen Castronovo, Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon and Ross Valory
guitar: Neal Schon
keyboard: Jonathan Cain
percussion: Deen Castronovo
drums (drum set): Deen Castronovo
bass guitar: Ross Valory
writer: Neal Schon, Steve Augeri
So long ago, has it been that long
Since we felt the sun
Where has it gone to
Has it hid from the world
Have we lost our way

I can remember it filling the sky
And it'd warm my face
The summers were endless
But they're over now
That was yesterday

I know we'll find love again
If we all pray a little
The heart will break free

Beyond the clouds
That's where my soul waits
She's waiting now
Beyond the clouds

Sorrow seems endless
Now there's only so much
That a man can bear
Hold on so tender
To a glimmer of faith
Gets me half way there
I know it will shine again
With some prayer and some patience
We'll find our way home

Beyond the clouds
That's where my soul waits
She's waiting now
Just beyond

Beyond anything you've ever known
Oh, so beautiful
Like a summer sky
Oh, you know it won't be long
If we find the strength I know
There beyond the clouds
We'll find the sun

Beyond the clouds
That's where my soul waits, oh yeah
She's waiting now

Beyond the clouds
That's where my love waits
She's waiting now
Beyond the clouds

Yeah, that's it now, ooh
Oh, that's it now, baby, ooh
Beyond everything you've ever known
Oh, if I could find the strength, I know
We'll find the sun

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