Lifetime of Dreams Lyrics - Journey

Journey Arrival cover art
publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: Jonathan Cain, Kim Chadwick Tribble, Neal Joseph Schon
release date: 2000-10-25
genres: Rock
styles: Hard Rock/Arena Rock/Classic Rock
length: 5:30
producer: Kevin Shirley
lead vocals: Steve Augeri
mixer: Kevin Shirley
engineer: Kevin Shirley
background vocals: Deen Castronovo, Jonathan Cain, Ross Valory and Neal Schon
guitar: Neal Schon
keyboard: Jonathan Cain
drums (drum set): Deen Castronovo
bass guitar: Ross Valory
writer: Jonathan Cain, Kim Tribble, Neal Schon
From the first day,
I envisioned myself with you
It's so hard to wait,
But with you it was easy
To do
Somewhere in time
I knew I would find you here with every
Passing moment
I see forever so clear
Part of me was lost without you
You are where I found my faith
Feels like love is here to stay

When I look in your eyes baby
I see a lifetime of dreams come true
And I want you to say, that you feel the same
Way too
The stars in your eyes tell me
All my tomorrows will wait for you
You're all of my prayers answered
My one saving grace is you

In another life, I believed that I loved you then,
If lightning strikes twice, we are destined
Together again
We don't have to make a promise, we were
Always meant to be
It's written in the way you look at me, I see


Love moves at the speed of light
Takes years to get it right
But we've got till the end of time
I can see, I can see, You and me, forever
You're the one woman that can make me stay
My one and only saving grace


I can see, I can see
You and me, forever
I can see, I can see
You and me, forever

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