Who Sang Jugulator? Judas Priest

Judas Priest Jugulator cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Glenn Raymond Tipton, Kenneth Downing
release date: 1997-10-16
genres: Rock
styles: Heavy Metal/Speed Metal
length: 5:52
producer: Kenneth Downing, Glenn Tipton and Sean Lynch
lead vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens
arranger: Glenn Tipton and Kenneth Downing
guitar: Kenneth Downing and Glenn Tipton
drums (drum set): Scott Travis
bass guitar: Ian Hill
lyricist: Glenn Tipton
composer: Glenn Tipton, Kenneth Downing
Now let's see what you're made of
He is coming, you can't run
Violators that get caught
Will wish that they'd never been born

You are dead mutilate

Sharpened razor
Takes your head Jugulator

Predit hater
You are trapped decimate

Your neck snapped Jugulator

Jugulator he is near
Attracted by the stench of fear
Part demonic, part machine
Hungry and it's time to feed

Iron claws and fangs of steel
Dripping from his tasty meal
Now it's time to jugulate
Feel your skull disintegrate

Jugulator killing time now
Reaches in and rips your spine out

Big mistake mutilate

Rib cage break

Flesh and bones
Are massacred


  • 1 Jugulator
  • 2 Blood Stained
  • 3 Dead Meat
  • 4 Death Row
  • 5 Decapitate
  • 6 Burn in Hell
  • 7 Brain Dead
  • 8 Abductors
  • 9 Bullet Train
  • 10 Cathedral Spires