Who Sang Gotta Get It? Juvenile

Juvenile Cocky & Confident cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: Christopher Gholson, Terius Gray, Christopher Dorsey, James Jr. Tapp
release date: 2009-12-1
length: 4:05
"Y'all *****s think broke look cool man"

[Repeat: x4]
(Gotta get it *****, gotta gotta get it)
(Gotta get it, gotta gotta gotta gotta get it *****)

"I gotta get it when you see me out chea
Or where ever the **** I'm at im tryna get sum money homie,
Yea gotta feed the family ***** nephew" Ah!

I am magnolia official I played the ave for years,
They talkin' bout me like when Shaq went to the cavaliers,
I keep the semi wit me jus' call me prince of keys selling tobacco
And ain't none of my **** is nicotine,
A dog gettin' it how much can a guerrilla make,
I'm tryna chill don't wanna have to put on ma killer face,
I get what ever I wanna boy I don't wish I would,
When I come out look I be sharper den a sticker would
I wish a ***** would I make a ***** bleed,
I cut a ***** like 3 dollas worth of liver cheese,
I lay somebody down I prolly have ta do or die,
Wont nothin' change I'm a stay gutta like a sewer line,
Yup its manure time business is picking up,
When *****s find out I'm da man dey proley **** a truck
No I aint new to dis money **** boi I been a fool
I blow dis ************ up jus' like an inter tube

[Repeat x4]
(Gotta get it *****, gotta gotta get it)
(Gotta get it, gotta gotta gotta gotta get it *****)

"ya *****,you see me wilden' gettin' mines, bein' broke
Ain't cool man,you *****s think broke lookin' cool,yea yea,
I'm a have fun why I do me homie", watch dis!

I gotta get it so people get on yo day jobs,
Ain't nothin' crowded but
The jail houses and grave yards,
I'm on the corner in the ghetto like a pay phone,
I call my baby like daddy be on the way home,
Talk to you later its easy to getcha cell tapped,
And I got powder like a factory full of jail caps,
I'm ballin' in the game boy I need a pair of tugs,
I'm walking on em in my slippers like a pair of lugs,
I'm not gone ever leave the way that's what the preacher said,
Like I'm a be on the corner at Morgan Freeman age,
I'm in the streets making connection in the restaurants
I'm eatin' tacos and fajitas with the Mexicans,
Boy I define the definition of what livin' is,
And any where you see me out thats what thanksgivin is,
You *****s counterfeit pappas I am a real daddy,
Shoot up the **********in' world to get the kids happy.

[Repeat x4]
(Gotta get it *****, gotta gotta get it)
(Gotta get it, gotta gotta gotta gotta get it *****)

Ha ha! watch me get it, watch me get it, watch me get it,
Bricks in the mornin' ***** wit the cheese in ma ****,
Bosseline style, watch me, laughin' at you broke *** *****s

I gotta get it boi you beefin' over petty change, I'm ready man I got
Ma fingers in on errythang, I'm on nem dana danes puffin on dat Mary Jane
Look I'm a leader its one of us up in every game,
And yea I'm fly cause I always got that eagle on me,
I pop a ***** look how quick they call the people on me,
This is an act and not in it to receive a tony,
I'm over here with all the cheese and I don't see baloney,
Give a ***** what?
I be talking mad to em, dey say I'm shitty like a kid done
Gone to bathroom, I'm in a yellow Chevy thang with the doors up,
I'm smokin' purple these ashes burnin' ma clothes up, see da conarys
In the grill yea I talk major look in the light its like a Saturday
Night in Las Vegas, yup I'm a boss playa cause I say I is,
I chase dis money 24 cause everyday I is.

[Repeat x4]
(Gotta get it *****, gotta gotta get it)
(Gotta get it, gotta gotta gotta gotta get it *****)

**** Lamborghini's and ****, ya fell
The new ****, glass back spider
Show you how to do it yeah
My **********in' passport
Stamped up I'm bout to get me another *****

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