K-Rino - Heat Branga Lyrics

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[Verse 1:] K-Rino the rectangular hyper active genius creator of the rectangular cypher South Park liver ass whuppin giver lyrics cold enough to make a fuckin snowman shiver I don't listen to country soft rock or heavy metal rap motherfuckers I take to unimagenable levels the abductor of fools ridiculous rhyme raper confiscatin repossesed spirits sell 'em hoes for paper if push comes to shove that shove gon' lead to shootin [pump pump] emcees die like ol ass trees I'm up-rootin a contest I suggest not you gettin split I battle 5 million sperm in the womb so you ain't shit all that you can do is hate me your girl can only ride me I got a microscopic scientist livin inside me who guides me I'm oldschool to the fullest fool beatboxin and cuts walkin internet so long I gon tell ya down low on these nuts [Chorus:] K-Rino is the motherfuckin heat branga hard ass bomb dropper ruff beat banga to yo woman I'm that motherfuckin meat slanga hands up if you don't give a fuck feel what I'm sayin K-Rino is the motherfuck
in heat branga hard ass bomb dropper ruff beat banga to yo woman I'm that motherfuckin meat slanga hands up if you don't give a fuck feel what I'm sayin [Verse 2:] My skills are genetic respect an atomic bomber trainin started at 6 months of age by battlin my momma she tought me well [yeah] and every now and then I shook her she was hard to beat but by the age of 5 I finally took her man I'm trippin but still rippin subtract the whole by addin hands to heads multiplyin and ass whippin you're roastin me knowin you ain't no where close to me the organ relocator puttin lungs were kidney supposed to be reverse your parts I put your lips below your waist give your mouth a shitty taste and glue your asshole to your face I rise above petty shit and take a leak on it fuck a lovesong I play a Dolemite tape and smash the freak on it so hopefully you might get the flow for me your sweetest popery openly wreckin motherfuckers vocally you came at me rhyme after rhyme after rhyme but like Jordan you brought your ass back
one too many times [Chorus] [Verse 3:] Stand in your midst I'm transparent you wonder were I went calculus trickin a metric chemistry experiment allows me to vanish I'm the wrong man to pick out loose my mind bust in the court room moonwalkin with my dick out no for sho K-Rino go hard I crush one like liquor I'm pourin lyrics out my book before I bust one yeah thats for all the homies that ain't here to witness the wizard cerebrally scarin these assholes shitless lets battle for cash but if you're broke i'll take lamps amps credit cards first borns and food stamps man you're worse than 7 hundred rude tramps with mood cramps recruit rappers and run they asses through lyrical bootcamps disaster man fuck livin happily ever after retire my rap-jersey and hang my mic from the rafter I'm always in a cop's scope [yeah] like wresteling landin knee first on bastards from off the top rope [Chorus]