Who Sang Keep the Fire? Kenny Loggins

Kenny Loggins Keep the Fire cover art

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publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group, Alfred
writers: Eva Loggins, Kenny Loggins
release date: 1979
genres: Rock Folk, World, & Country
styles: Soft Rock
length: 4:34
producer: Tom Dowd
lead vocals: Kenny Loggins
engineer: Steve Gursky
flute: Vince Denham and Jon Clarke
guitar: Kenny Loggins and Mike Hamilton
keyboard: Brian Mann
percussion: Tris Imboden
drums (drum set): Tris Imboden
bass guitar: George Hawkins Jr.
assistant engineer: Michael Carnévale
brass arranger: Brian Mann and Jon Clarke
There's a river in
Evening ember glow
And you're wishing you could see
How far it flows
Rolling on to an endless sea
You'd be well on your way
If you could only set sail.

But dreams can drift away
And sails can fill with doubt
Where's your vision
If the embers flicker out?
Don't let it slip from view

The horizons are waiting
Your river is fading

So keep the fire burning tonight
See just what comes into sight
Don't take forever
Take it through the night

And believe the sun
Will rise with the dawn
That's all you need to go on
But for tonight
Just keep the fire burning bright

I will never need to ask
"What have I done?"
Comes a moment when it's clear
There's only one.
Oh, whatever you need of me
I've made up my mind
I'll give you more than you've asked for

And there are those who can foresee
Where we will go
All the future...
I don't really want to know
Only that you'll be here with me.

While the embers still glow
We'll be safe till tomorrow.

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