Who Sang Mr. Night? Kenny Loggins

Kenny Loggins Keep the Fire cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group, Alfred
writers: Richard Emery Stekol, Kenneth Clark Loggins
release date: 1979
genres: Rock Folk, World, & Country
styles: Soft Rock
length: 3:20
producer: Tom Dowd
lead vocals: Kenny Loggins
engineer: Steve Gursky
guitar: Mike Hamilton and Kenny Loggins
keyboard: Brian Mann
percussion: Tris Imboden
saxophone: Jon Clarke and Vince Denham
drums (drum set): Tris Imboden
bass guitar: George Hawkins Jr.
afuche / cabasa: Vince Denham
assistant engineer: Terry Nelson
background vocals: George Hawkins Jr. and Richard Stekol
brass arranger: Jon Clarke and Brian Mann
I read your letter, it said between the lines
You're visitin' Mexico for an indefinite amount of time
Your love for burritos has now begun to cool
You need this drivin' fool to Detomaso the night away
Detomaso a ride away

Roll Mr. Night, you know what you gotta do
Anymore I ain't askin' you, go on out and do it tonight
Come on Mr. Night, now I'm in the driver's seat
Till we reach our destiny, go on out and do it tonight
Your Mona Lisa, she took her smile of gold
Run under the border guard and put it over on her Romeo
Your love for seæ??rita I see is none too cool
Here comes this drivin' fool to Detomaso the night away
Detomaso a ride away

I see those ivory lies in sweet Rosita's eyes
Gonna leave them both behind when we 'tomaso all night
Your love and money this time are gone for good
Little Rosa took a boda bag and hit the road like a Robin Hood
And I see by the headlines that I'll be drivin' south
And when I pull you out we'll Detomaso the night away
Detomaso a ride away, Lambourghini a getaway


12" Vinyl 1
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  • 2 Mr. Night
  • 3 This Is It
  • 4 Junkanoo Holiday (Fallin’–Flyin’)
  • 5 Now and Then
  • 6 Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong
  • 7 Keep the Fire
  • 8 Give It Half a Chance
  • 9 Will It Last