Hillbilly Stomp Lyrics - Kid Rock

Kid Rock Kid Rock cover art
publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: R.j. Ritchie, Matthew Shafer, Frederick Beauregard
release date: 2003-11-11
genres: Hip Hop Rock
styles: Alternative Rock/Country Rock/Blues Rock
length: 4:21
I'm drunk again, excuse the hiccup
The redneck originator, rollin' in my pick up
Truck jacked up with the four gold shocks
And where I come from mud flaps come stock

People Kid Rock it up and down the block
And the hens all flock to the coup with the ****
You want to rock with me baby, row it down to the swamp
Dock your boat, we'll do the hillbilly stomp

Do it, hi-ho
We'll do the hillbilly stomp, hi-ho, haha

I like stuckies, truckers and big mesh hats
I like large round women in laundromats
I like to wander jack like a backwards thug
And watch the moonshine through the bottom of a jug

Hugging and kissing with my vision all blurry
Sifting through this world of worry
Hurry up with love, please, God bless
I don't do drugs anymore or any less

I didn't start this mess on this planet
Stop looking at me like a bandit
I've been chilling down at the swamp
With the folks that want to do the hillbilly stomp

Do it, hi-ho
We'll do the hillbilly stomp, hi-ho

Now people want to know how to do this dance
Life your legs in the air like you wet your pants
Plant your hands on the top of your butt
And stomp around the woods like you're all ****ed up

Circle up the trucks, fire up the brush
Untuck your shirt, we're gonna kick some dust
Don't two plus two it or three plus three it
Four by four and to a place that's scenic

Heat it up like some hot ham hocks cooking
And hop to the spot where the cops ain't looking
Bring your whole flock, go on down to the swamp
And we can rock all night doing the hillbilly stomp

Do it, hi-ho
We'll do the hillbilly stomp, hi-ho

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