Trucker Anthem Lyrics - Kid Rock

Kid Rock Cocky cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: R.j. Ritchie, Matthew Shafer, Matthew O'Brien, Herbert Stothart
release date: 2001-11-19
genres: Hip Hop Rock Folk, World, & Country
styles: Alternative Rock/Funk Metal/Pop Rock/Country Rock/Blues Rock/Southern Rock
length: 4:41
producer: Kid Rock
membranophone: Stefanie Eulinberg
vocal: Uncle Kracker, Jimmie Bones, Stefanie Eulinberg, Misty Love, Shirley Hayden and Kid Rock
mixer: Al Sutton and Kid Rock
engineer: Al Sutton
bass: Matt O'Brien
guitar: Kenny Olson and Jason Krause
keyboard: Jimmie Bones
writer: Kid Rock, Matt O'Brien, Herbert Stothart, Uncle Kracker
Oh-e-o ohhhh oh
Oh-e-o ohhhh oh
Oh-e-o ohhhh oh
Oh-e-o ohhhh oh

Who's in the house?
Who's in the house?
Who's in the house?
Who's in the house?
Who's in the house?
Who's in the house?

Oh-e-o ohhhh oh
Oh-e-o ohhhh oh
Oh-e-o ohhhh oh
Oh-e-o ohhhh oh

Singin, hey now people here we come
Here we come ************s
Here we, kinny come come
You know what we do and where we're from
Detroit baby
You got 15 seconds to get this seat now
We're gonna start this show and blow your mind now

(Who's your uncle?)
Uncle krackerrrrrr
I'm double wide on the side, in the back of the bus
I'm your uncle kracker sittin' platnum plus
Double platnum (what?) tripple platnum (****)

You'd be a calm ************ if you add that up.
Can you back that up?
Yeah, but what for?
I got a big brick house with 2 gold doors.

Was born in that, you need to shut my mouth
I'm the same ************ you been hearin' about
Kracker went pop?
Naw, I did the pop bash

Floatin' through the air waves, pickin' up cash
I dropped bottom d, people thought I went soft, ****
I'm still very difficult to **** with

Straight outta the sticks of romeo michigan
The early morning stoned **********ing pimp of the god damn nationnnnnnn
Ye haw ************s lets rock
With the kid, that's all, ya dig, ya don't stop

Got rifs to rock, brought boones to slam
Now who's the man? kid rock god damn
Back on the scene like a fiend for beats
Ain't slept in weeks
Got too many freaks

Seen too many geeks
Try to rock the rap, so I'm back with heat
To unseat the wack
I'm a unpack, and set up shop

I'm a step back and watch you rock
I'm a rock track, so stop the pop
Then I'm a master blastin through the aftershock
I got, dug ditches to burry you *****es

Who roll the flow and want to stop the show
So I'm a roll and flow another encore seven
From north of detroit, way south of heaven
Heaven, heaven, heaven

Turn it up, turn it up turn it up
Ughh come onnnnn
Kid rock ************ with the tbt

Rollin' through your city like the general lee
You want to **** with me? don't test the odds
'Cause your arms are too short to box with god
But if ya, send me your address, I'll swing by

Call up your friends, I'll get your whole ****in' crew high
Say bye, bye, bye to the wack
And let it be known kid rock is back
Yeah rollin' with the tbt

Were gonna rock the house for my man joe c.
Yeahh, we want to start this show, come on
Come on, yeah

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