Kiki Dee - Loving and Free Lyrics

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Bound, I am bound, like a knot on a string

Eager to be where my life can begin

Out of the shadow and into the sun

So many things that I should have done

I will untangle myself, so that I can see

I will untangle myself, everything will be

Loving and free

Bound I am bound, like a rope on a swing

Up in the air and then down again

Sure for the first time so clear in my mind

Wise to the feeling I gently unwind

Bound I am bound, ro remember your smile

Something so special doesn't fade away

Sadness is sweet when you've gone for a while

When I see you there'll be a lot to say

Track Listing
  • 1 Amoureuse
  • 2 Loving and Free
  • 3 Chicago
  • 4 I Got the Music in Me
  • 5 (You Don't Know) How Glad I Am
  • 6 Step By Step
  • 7 Dark Side of Your Soul
  • 8 Why Don't I Run Away from You
  • 9 Runnin' Out of Fools
  • 10 Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing
  • 11 One Jump Ahead of the Storm
  • 12 First Thing in the Morning
  • 13 Talk to Me
  • 14 You Need Help
  • 15 You're Holding Me Too Tight
  • 16 One Step
  • 17 Can't Take My Eyes Off You
  • 18 Stay With Me, Baby

  • Album Information
    script: Latin