Kimya Dawson - Trump Style Lyrics

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If i don't take to the highway
I'm going to lose my head
Can't do things your way
Gotta live my way
And the grass is greener on
The wrong side of the bed
The grass is always greener
Inside my head

You can be my partner
I'll chose you first
When we pick teams
We'll do just fine
Lay your meld
Across from mine
And take a few tricks for me
Take a few tricks for me

Be sure to remember
A ten beats a king
You don't have money
Or a place or a pretty pretty face
But you're an ace
And that beats most everything
You're an ace
And that beats most everything

If i get off the bus in reno
Put all my chips on number nine
Maybe i'll get lucky
And lose everything
Start from the bottom
One more time
Without a stinkin'
Cotton pickin' dime

If i was a pirate out at sea
Stole all your gold and set you free
Would you come sailing after me?
To try to get your booty back
Try to get your booty back
Try to get your booty back
Your booty back from me

Bury me next to my grandpa
Ashes in the water and the wind
That way i can drift
Forever and ever
Maybe someday we will meet again
Maybe you and me will meet again
If it's meant to be
We will meet again

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Trump Style
  • 2 Reminders of Then
  • 3 Everything‚Äôs Alright
  • 4 Rocks With Holes
  • 5 Talking Ernest
  • 6 Wandering Daughter
  • 7 Eleventeen
  • 8 Hold My Hand
  • 9 Stinky Stuff
  • 10 Sleep (So Far to Go)