Klashnekoff - Parrowdice Lyrics

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As we travel through Trial and Tribulations Avenue
Destination's Zanavoo, smokin' a zu, drinkin' Jack Dan's and Malibu
Flammable sidewalks where guys walk like cyborgs
The minds walk, scorched with polluted force
I sought resolution, then I swore retribution for braves abusin' this music
Like it was boozin', they left battered and bruised from the Terra Firm movement
T stands for, the F for further improvement
Collate the teeth so much if you're a willin' student
I know it seems deep, and at times life's confusin'
Ya whole world's tremblin' like aero planes collidin'
With high sky rises, how many more lives before we realise there's a crisis
I cry red mist, but still live with the will to climb Everest
Livin' in this friggin' world full of pessimists
Reminiscin' on days ravin' and Pegasus
Were braves get fucked, police askin' where the weapon is
Welcome to the east maze, this is where the Devil lives..
Yeah, we little kids peddle ship
And settle sick situations with a metal stick
Leave you stiff, this world stands uncontaminated with biological hatred
It's blatant, Morphius tried to show you in The Matrix
But was you watchin' the beanie or clockin' for the agents
Practice pure patience, produce this pure kayman
While pruny little prento's are a pain in the anus
Fuck aimin' to be famous, I'm aimin' two flamers at Tony Blair's face first
Worst comes to worse blood, I'll kidnap his neighbours.
That's my word blood, trust
Parrowdice, parrow days, parrow nights
A paradox where shots leave braves paralyzed
My life's a paradigm surrounded by parasites
Don't wanna die in this man made Parrowdice
And now I've woken up to reality it feels like I'm still asleep
Still it seems that I'm trapped in the illest dream
Shit is sweet in the minds of these timid sheep
It's Parrowdice, a life is the biggest beach
My inners deep as I step through these wicked streets
Figures bleedin' to death when the trigger squeeze
Killers' dreams are in tune to the killers' theme
Sinners weep at the sound of my vivid speech
I drag bitter sweet milk from my mother's breast
Young and vexed livin' in the trail of my brother's nest
I was only a youth when I discovered sex
A ghetto romance, we would hold hands in the lovers nest
Jaja bless me with my own wish, and that's to prosper and hold it
Up for the soldiers I roll with, I'm weak feelin' so sick
I sip a touch of fruit volvic
I know this life is fuck ?, I grin and grimace at my mirror image
Tryna deal with my inner feelings
My will is illest cause I'm still a realist
I'm done severin' ties so it's time to start buildin' bridges
Nuff things I have to leave behind
I redefined my plans blood, freed my mind
I feel inclined to read in between the lines
Through the day that I found what I seek to find
Only death'll recollect
From birth my umbilical cord is like a noose around my abdominal around my neck
In retrospect the deckers scenarios and my life reside
Destined for strife, slit wrists due to a life I don't know
I'm hungry and I haven't eaten
But I'm scared cause there's only apple trees in this fools Garden of Eden
Plus there's cyanide in the seeds
But I've devoured apples so fast my skins turnin' blue and I'm startin' to bleed
Call me vindictive but what's in a name
A rose be in any other designation still smells the same
I came to a fork in the road, I took the middle path
My heart broken so bad man I needed a skin graft
I laughed at my bad luck and carried on walkin' to my goal
Know most of my soul was gone
Fell from Heaven, tormented in Hell, locked in the cell
While knives fell, mouth stitched, I passed the L
Throat and wrist slit twice with double edged cleavers
The show Satan doin' to all the non believers
Not even Jesus wanted to be my fuckin' savior
Cuz he knows I favour the feelin' of dyin' by bad behaviour
Crave the sensation of dark forces
Lurin' the root of evil from even the source of the roots sources...remorseless

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro (skit)
  • 2 Zero
  • 3 It’s Murda
  • 4 Jankrowville
  • 5 Parrowdice
  • 6 B4 U DIE
  • 7 All I Got
  • 8 Black Rose
  • 9 Lynching (skit)
  • 10 Our Time
  • 11 Terra Firma Anthum
  • 12 Daggo Mentality
  • 13 Neighbour (skit)
  • 14 Son of Niah