Who Sang Nothing Else Matters? Kwan

release date: 2004-11-5
genres: Electronic Hip Hop
styles: Breakbeat/Hip Hop
length: 4:12

It seems frail
but it´s real
solid strong of the world we build
you just gotta believe
outside it´s cold
a dangerous road
never dare cross it alone
this envy you must seal
And you should know
when I´m with you
and you´re my own
my reason to live
and I forget where I belong
if we just believe
Let it go, I`ll let it go
and I hope that you can understand
when there´s you and I
nothing else matters
Realize, their vain disguise
they throw powder in your eyes
this mirage deceives
you know the truth
our home we´ll choose
this sanctuary is our booth
pour une mort douce et tranquille

Enhanced CD 1
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  • 2 Twang
  • 3 Sacrifice
  • 4 Unconditional Love
  • 5 Decadence of the Heart
  • 6 Sharks in the Bloody Waters
  • 7 Forgiveness
  • 8 Nothing Else Matters
  • 9 Footsteps
  • 10 For You
  • 11 Dreaming Of...