Forgotten (Lost Angels) Lyrics - Lamb of God

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publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Chris Adler, David Randall Blythe, John Campbell, Mark Morton, Will Adler
release date: 2006-8-22
genres: Rock
styles: Thrash/Death Metal/Heavy Metal
length: 3:06
This is a mean and cold town,
I hate this ****ing place.
Watch the rats as they all drown,
Dying slowly day by day.
Decrepit and falling down,
Cesspool of human waste.
Swallow profit in deep,
Now in death you'll finally know the taste.

There are no souls left here to save.
Forgotten, lost angels, long disgraced.

You ****ing hypocrite,
But hooks in lips they do not lie.
Compassion served not on your plate,
How many of them have you watched die?

I can't write you a happy song,
I can't write you a sing-a-long,
The only catchy hook I've got,
Is the one in my bleeding gut.

Burn it down

There are no souls left here to save.
Forgotten, lost angels, long disgraced.

Dead stares, dead eyes,
Choked hopes and vacant minds,
Blank words, blank lives,
The end result of endless lies.

There's no angels here,
To get lost in the first place
Jackhammer a fault line,
Pray for earthquakes.
Mulhollands's on fire,
And my cig' started it.
'92 should have burnt this ****er down,
We're here to finish it.

I'm not impressed by much here,
Much less what you have to say.
Don't give a **** who you know,
I just want to leave this hellhole

Know that you mean nothing to me,
Nor the lies that seep from your teeth.
Won't piss on you if you're on fire,
One more self-important liar.

Burn it down.

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