Lifehouse - Easier to Be Lyrics

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Chasing fireflies
Elusive dreams
This pre-life crisis, is killing me
Beautiful, tragedy of who I was
Was it me, yeah yeah

(Ooh ah) You make it easier to be
(Ooh ah) Easier to be me
(Ooh ah) It's hard to believe
(Ooh ah) You make it easy

We're speaking silence
Words can break
It feels like we are falling awake
In a place, in a time of our own, yeah yeah


Fall from the world
Feel from my feet
Give up on myself
You didn't give up on me
Let myself go
You were still there
Like coming home
Coming up for air
Yeah yeah


(Ooh ah) Easier to be
(Ooh ah) To be me
(Ooh ah) Oh
(Ooh ah)

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Disarray
  • 2 First Time
  • 3 Whatever It Takes
  • 4 Who We Are
  • 5 Broken
  • 6 The Joke
  • 7 Easier to Be
  • 8 Make Me Over
  • 9 Mesmerized
  • 10 Bridges
  • 11 Learn You Inside Out
  • 12 Storm