Lil Mama - Stand Up Lyrics

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Why don't you come around,
My way(way) my way
My way(way) my way(way)
Why don't you come around?

Uh, Uh, Uh,
Why don't you come around (way, way, way)
Why don't you come around

Walking down Williams through Mart and Blays (mart and blays)
Call it Big Steps where I used to play (used to play)
The girls in the park gotta lot to say (lot to say)
Them girls over here threw they life away (life away)
Cause they got babies and they just now head (just now head)
They double numbers they mamas promoting this here
The boys on the court playing basketball (basketball)
They baby fathers they rather be boys and that's all

H dub Stand up! (uh)
BK Stand Up! (uh)
East Coast Stand Up! (uh)
You should
Come around my way

I'm from a place in Harlem
Where the streets they look like Africa
And the trees are in better condition than the homes so abandoned
P S 197
Where I study my academic stare run
And the books so worn and torn I can't think
How they tried to cripple me
Understood the lost side of me
Thank god I had a good teacher on the side of me
Showed me the right things to do
Overcame these obstacles
Haters stand up for the things that we've been through ooh


Here we got these buildings called projects but they ain't three stories
They fill about ten on the block April flow go up by twenty
Stories I tell be true story kids cut school and watch Maury
Like if they ain't intellect in what's affecting my life I can't respect them
But that's just they way of the ghetto
People who come from where I'm from get it
But we still gotta make a difference
Stand up tall so the world can get it
Teach kids pride instead of "Outside"
Show another side and they show goin' rise
Stop letting responsibility fall
I can tell you ain't been around my way at all

Why don't you come around(way)
So you can see what my(way)
Eyes been seeing why(way)
Why don't you come around
Where we need directions(way)
Respect in every lesson(way)
Way, why don't you come around

My way(way) my way my way(way) my way(way)


You should come around

Uh, Uh, Uh
Uh, Uh, Uh

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