Who Sang Skit? Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Lights Out cover art
release date: 2000-12-19
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Thug Rap
length: 0:43
You have now reached the end of side A it is time to turn over wait turnover
Get a fuckin CD asshole so bring your ass down to fuckin sound advice buy a
Fuckin CD player go to fuckin sam goody buy the fuckin CD stop copying shit on
Tapes you fuckin loser and play the shit right and if you aint feelin it your
Fucked up your deaf so the shit better rattle your fuckin trunk better make
Your fuckin ear drums bleed better make the neighbors go wow what the fuck is
That what's so loud is there another party at the house no it's fuckin Lil Waynes
Album rockin this shit motherfucker

CD 1
  • 1 Intro (Watch Them People)
  • 2 Get Off the Corner
  • 3 On the Grind
  • 4 Hit U Up
  • 5 Everything
  • 6 Fuck Wit Me Now
  • 7 Lil One
  • 8 Break Me Off
  • 9 Skit
  • 10 Wish You Would
  • 11 Grown Man
  • 12 Shine
  • 13 Jump Jiggy
  • 14 Realized
  • 15 Tha Blues
  • 16 Let's Go
  • 17 Biznite
  • 18 Act a Ass
  • 19 Beef