Who Sang Innocence? Lillian Axe

Lillian Axe Poetic Justice cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Michael Jonathan Stern, Ron Taylor, Stevie Blaze
release date: 1992-2-21
genres: Rock
styles: Hard Rock/Arena Rock
length: 4:58
Cool, cool, Innocence

Like an angel blowing kisses from the sky

Cool, cool, Innocence

In a way that takes my breath away, no lie

Pure and white as the driven snow

It's a sin, I know

Cool, cool, Innocence

Like an answered prayer, put my thoughts to shame

Cool, cool, Innocence

Virgin, untouched animal you can never tame

Can't believe my lyin' eyes

No matter how I try

Beauty, surround me, release me, astound me

Innocence, Decadence, Innocence

Breaks me down.

Cool, cool, Innocence

I can taste the sweet surrender on her lips

Cold, hard, Decadence

She's a lonely face that launched a thousand ships

Pure and white as the driven snow

Well, she don't know

The wicked ways of the world have not found her

Young, restless heart, blind to darkness

Around her

Cool, cool, Innocence,

Cool, cool, Innocence,

Cool, cool, Innocence.

CD 1
  • 1 Poetic Justice
  • 2 Innocence
  • 3 True Believer
  • 4 Body Double
  • 5 See You Someday
  • 6 Living in the Grey
  • 7 Digital Dreams
  • 8 Dyin' to Live
  • 9 Mercy
  • 10 The Promised Land
  • 11 No Matter What
  • 12 She My Salvation
  • 13 A Moment of Reflection