Drown Lyrics - Limp Bizkit

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publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Samuel Robert Rivers, William Frederick Durst
release date: 2003-5-28
genres: Hip Hop Rock
styles: Nu Metal
length: 3:54
producer: Fred Durst and Rick Rubin
mixer: Brendan O’Brien
engineer: Michael Elvis Baskette
additional engineer: Billy Bowers, Dave Holdredge and Andrew Scheps
editor: Dave Holdredge
assistant mixer: Mark Valentine
writer: Fred Durst, Sam Rivers
It's getting closer to the end, every part of me
And then disaster takes it's toll, and now I'm left with only me
Maybe sorrow plays a role, when you feel unkind
Your abuses matter, standing up forever lost in time

Save me
Save me
Before I drown
Save me
Save me
Before I drown

It's getting closer to the end, I look back and smile
We conquered every single bump in my road, made it all worth while
Just remember how I cared, when it came crashing down
I'd like to toast to all those angels that were always hangin' 'round

Save me
Save me
Before I drown
Save me
Save me
Before I drown

Maybe life ain't what it seems, 'cause it's all a dream
Forgive me
Sometimes I feel like a fool, 'cause I'm so uncool
Forgive me

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