Howard Shore feat. Isabel Bayrakdarian - Evenstar Lyrics

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[0.00-0.08] Ú i vethed nâ i onnad
[0.09-0.15] Si boe ú-dhanna
[0.15-0.31] Ae ú-esteli, esteliach nad
[0.47-1.02] Nâ boe ú i
[1.57-2.13] Estelio han, estelio han, estelio
[2.14-2.29] Estelio han, estelio veleth
[0.00-0.08] Not the end [it] is the beginning
[0.09-0.15] Now it-is-necessary [that] don't-fall
[0.15-0.31] If you don't-trust some-thing
[0.47-1.02] [It] is necessary don't that
[1.57-2.13] Trust this, trust this, trust
[2.14-2.29] Trust this, trust love