Lordi - Devil Is a Loser Lyrics

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You wanted power and you begged for fame
You wanted everything the easy way
You wanted gain without pain
Now your bills is in the mail
You got stronger but your mind got weak
You made a promise you couldn't keep
You had it all - You lost more
It's all there in the fee

Via hell incorporated (regeneration)
1st you love it then you hate it (you're such a saint)
And now you're never gonna make it (bad situation)
Get on get on down
(there's hell to pay 'cause)

Main Chorus
The devil is a loser and he's my *****
For better or for worse and you don't care which
The devil is a loser and he's my *****
Runnin' into trouble you skitch
He's my *****

You wanted riches and license to kill
You got poverty and then you got ill
You got poor and you lost your will
All your dreams unfulfilled
I get my kicks when you blow your fuse
No-one got killed but that's no excuse
Hands up, I let you know when it's done
I've got the only gun
Chorus then Main Chorus:

(And there were no refunds
Just failing guarantees
Confess your sins, son
Said the preacher on TV)

You got yourself some greasepaint
Set of white and black
All you got was laughter and
Gene Simmons on your back
Chorus x2

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