Luther Vandross - I've Been Working Lyrics

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I don't know why the world loves a forever love affair
(I'm just a freak)
Who loves a one night thing oh yeah
(A one night all night)
And after a long day of work all I wanna do is play around
(So I'm going out)
For a little bit of love
And a whole lotta getting down
Do you believe me, you gotta believe me

I've been working
I've been all day working
And I need somebody
Said I need some
I need some love tonight oh yeah
I need some love
I need some love tonight

People talk about my life and here's what they say
(It's incomplete)
It's too bad that they feel that way
(He's sho is crazy)
But I don't listen to any of them after five o'clock
Because the night is mine
And I don't wanna change anything 'cause I like what I got


So don't give me a forever love affair, no don't you dare
(I like to freak)
To the one night beat, oh yeah
(Again and again, yeah yeah)
I work hard every day so I do what I wanna do
That's why I'm steppin' out (Stepping out)
To find me somebody to do what I wanna do


Track Listing
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  • 3 Don't You Know That?
  • 4 I've Been Working
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  • Album Information
    country(area): United States
    script: Latin