Brutal Beats Lyrics - M.O.D.

publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Billy Milano
release date: 1996
genres: Rock
styles: Thrash
length: 3:34
It's the T to the rip
Slick and finger licken good like chicken
Possessed like Linda Blair, in exorcist
Can't front on the dragon, that's ludicrous
Your styles suckin', like a lollipop
Knock, knock who's there
Yo a buck a shot

Da ****in' black panther
Comin' right at cha
Poisonous, I spread like cancer
Crews ****in' hate us, I'm mad ****in' famous
4 takin' no **** and puttin' boots up your anus
Ruthless, I'm leaving *****s toothless
I be da ill funk freaka blown out you speakers

Hard rhythms, complete
Brutal beats of concrete

But don't let that trouble you
That's ruthless, spelled with an are and not A W
Mad like Alfred Newman
Bad, like Michael J's new chin
Kickin' science harder then spock
Picken out victims like Furman with a glock
Buck, buck, buck, shots be ringing out
Slam you *** like Hogan in title bout

Hard rhythms, complete
Brutal beats of concrete

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