M.O.P. - Facing Off Lyrics

M.O.P. First Family 4 Life cover art
publisher: ©Royalty Network Music Publishing Ltd.
writers: E. Murry, J. Grinnage, L. Elliott
release date: 1998
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genres: Hip Hop
styles: Hardcore Hip-Hop/Thug Rap
length: 3:39
Come on, come on rap dudes, let's rap rap dudes
Yeah, yeah, come on **********a, yeah I gave ya a hour, *****
But now I want my **** back, bring it to ya ***, Fizzy Wo Mack, L.A.
I'm a continue to bring it to ya ***, **********a

Welcome me back ***** *****, it's the rapper dude
No actor dude, snap a dude
You listen to gun shots pop, it's murder capitol
We all for one boy, where them young boys clappin' you

And thugs hold the fort down tight, they bust back at you
Another ***** drop, tryin' to stop drug traffic dude
Be-Boy's employed decoys just to trap a fool
Any and every individual this can happen too

We move on *****s, rip two's on *****s
'cause ain't no tellin' what them fellas about
I remain in the cut, comprehendin' ya doubts
Back up off me, soft me, spit ten then I'm out

Silly **********as gettin' carried away
But they **** around with Fame and get carried away
'cause I'm a ***** of the Earth, ***** of sea
***** of the sky, the Fire, M.O.P.

I'm a front big Willie like I'm runnin' this game
What I can play, Lil' Fame like a motha****a
Say why ya rollin', I'm patrolin', man God on steel
Who the **** you think you are *****? Ron O'Neal?
(**** outta here)

All I really need is respect, that's what I'm mention for
What you inchin' for, what ya flinchin' fo'?
(Clack clack)
And when it jump off, don't ask did he know

Because he knows who the **** I am, Fizzy Woe, magnificent baby
Firing Squad, one of a kind *****, top of the line *****s
Divine *****s illest, My *****s, you know my steez *****
You know my steez, M.O.P., Fizzy Woe

Yo I'm a Brownsville native junior, I'm talkin' born and raised
That's where we learn to let the pistol spark bark and blaze
(First Family)
Suffer for days
(Come on)
And we inheritin' them criminal ways

I survive with a fist full of hopes and dreams
And a hand full of *****s that I call upon team
By the time I was thirteen
I got myself a 318 and startin' makin' moves, baby

It's like I told ya boy, my environment put me on front line
(Soldier Boy)
Rapid fire the greatest of all time
We 'em dance, waitin' for Shaq to get back
(Welcome home my *****)

I done made plans, 96% of this world don't know I exist
That's why my point is gettin' missed
I walks with my brother Mike Sone, as I stroll through the ghetto
And the sun is like the wind beneath my wings like zeros, *****

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Billy Skit
  • 2 Breakin’ the Rules
  • 3 Alarm Blaze
  • 4 Blood Sweat and Tears
  • 5 Down for Whateva
  • 6 Facing Off
  • 7 My Kinda Nigga, Part 2
  • 8 I Luv
  • 9 Salute, Part II
  • 10 Ride With Us
  • 11 Handle Ur Bizness (DJ Premier remix)
  • 12 Fly Nigga Hill Figga
  • 13 What the Future Holds
  • 14 Downtown Swinga ’98
  • 15 Fame Skit
  • 16 Brooklyn / Jersey Get Wild
  • 17 New York Salute

  • Album Information
    label: Relativity Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin