M.O.P. - NIG-Gotiate Lyrics

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Come on!

[Chorus: M.O.P.:]
Can't stop, won't stop! Can't stop, won't stop!
Can't stop, won't stop! Can't stop, don't stop!
[B.D.:] Once again... [L.F.:] You won't believe it!
[B.D.:] Once again... [L.F.:] It's M.O.P., you see it!
Can't stop, won't stop! Can't stop, won't stop!
Can't stop, won't stop! Can't stop, don't stop!
Yo who dat, yo who dat?!

[Lil' Fame:]
Once again, we come with the rush (It's us baby)
For all those platinum and plus (We crush baby)
It's home team back with the true thing
Back with a new thing, back with a new slang mayne
We bang three times three M&M's
Yo I'm sittin' on chrome... *****, and I ain't talkin' bout rims!
We got exclusive, new ****, you know, you get
True ****, from us, to help y'all move with
M. Fitzroy *****, makin them hits
Amateurs in the game, we makin' 'em quit
I got your baby momma chest a jumpin' around
And gettin' on down, with her big ***, and shakin' her ****
*****, I don't be lyin', I will blast iron
At you fake-*** thugs that think you made of cast iron
So calm down clown 'fore I bring the pound down
I will step and, stomp yo' *** to ground round, 'cause I


[Billy Danze:]
I got my cobra vision goggles on, I see you comin'
With a six-pack and a smile homes, I like your style homes
I felt your vibe from a mile away
And it's okay though, cause the demon in me decided to lay low
(Aiyyo!) ***** I drink that six-pack witcha
So I'll say that I was under the influence when I hitcha
Anyway, it's a brand new day
Still underrated, still the most hated
*****z can't fade it, they know they can't tame us
Or change us, so they treat us like strangers (We're dangerous)
I am so anxious, that it scares me sometimes
Find myself doin' **** that wouldn't cross the average mind
I seem to find time to nig-gotiate (Mash)
Renegotiate blast at a ***** straight blast
Get rid of his ***, rugged never smooth
(M) Blast (O) blast (P) on the move!

Track Listing
CD 1
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  • 2 Welcome to Brownsville
  • 3 Everyday
  • 4 Ante Up (Robbing-Hoodz Theory)
  • 5 Face Off
  • 6 Warriorz
  • 7 G-Building
  • 8 Old Timers
  • 9 On the Front Line
  • 10 Nig-Gotiate
  • 11 Follow Instructions
  • 12 Calm Down
  • 13 Power
  • 14 Home Sweet Home
  • 15 Background Niggaz
  • 16 Cold as Ice
  • 17 Operation Lockdown
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