M.O.P. - On the Front Line Lyrics

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Aight ************.. Primo, a-heh a-hah, a-hey!

[Billy Danze]
Yo, I was raised where, cats blaze automatic weapons
and half-steppers don`t half-step, without protection
The rules of the game is, spit first
until you see his wig burst, before he flame his
You see a man gon` claim his
Duke a soldier gon` aim his, and try to kill yo` ***
*****z see Burke on the conduit
in the left lane doin his thang, whippin a Buick
Fizz Won (Whattup boy? I`m ridin shotgun)
There`ll never be a boo that understand what we got son
We`ve been down a long time
I`m beginnin to think I got traces of Womack in my bloodline
BOM-BURST two times on top of the line
You plexiglas *****z ain`t ****in with mine (HELL NAH!)
We keep it so real, without bein signed to a deal
you could still shop for the `Ville

{*various samples scratched*}
[Lil` Fame]
Straight from the hilll-top, where steeeel, pop
and the, coast ain`t clear it`s reeeal, hot
Keep the heat real close cause it`s, dangerous
and the, game don`t change Fame bang with this
It`s the legendary, cap peelers we the illest
of the realest blood-spillers, we guerillas (***** FEEL US)
All day, right back at you live
from William Berkowitz (SLASH) Fizzy Womack Avenue
I send ghouls after you, trappin you blastin
WHO ****in with the rapper dude?
Don`t even GOOO THERE
I`m from the `Ville Brooklyn Military (OHHH YEAHH)
N.E.W. Y.O.R.K.
We`ll ratch yo` *** like floors that`s parquet
Glorious, come stomp on tour with us
(M.O.P.!) We, +Warriorz+

{*various samples scratched*}
[Billy Danze]
Hey yo the game don`t change only the players
I`d like to welcome you young bucks, to these homicide layers
Sayin my family is unable to drop bomb hits
Napalm ****, move in a hail of fire
Bill, sire, trailed by an empire (FIYAH!)
Can`t nobody change my two step
I`m ready to rip for respect, Fizzy talk to `em

[Lil` Fame]
What`s the lesson you learn when the Smith and Wessun was burned
Slugs flyin you realizin that it`s your turn
Didn`t them *****z warn ya BAM (BUKA BUKA) BAM
(BUKA BUKA BUKA BUKA) Get the **** up off the corner!
Them goons was hot on ya!
Chasin you down, cockin pistol poppin and they wasn`t stoppin
til they finished lacin you down, peep the steez *****
Snakes don`t belong `round here, ***** breeze!

{*various samples scratched*}

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Premier Intro
  • 2 Welcome to Brownsville
  • 3 Everyday
  • 4 Ante Up (Robbing-Hoodz Theory)
  • 5 Face Off
  • 6 Warriorz
  • 7 G-Building
  • 8 Old Timers
  • 9 On the Front Line
  • 10 Nig-Gotiate
  • 11 Follow Instructions
  • 12 Calm Down
  • 13 Power
  • 14 Home Sweet Home
  • 15 Background Niggaz
  • 16 Cold as Ice
  • 17 Operation Lockdown
  • 18 Roll Call
  • 19 Foundation