M.O.P. - Roll Call Lyrics

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In the year 2000...
{M-O-P} still bangin
{Firing Squad!}
{The last generation...}
Hey, hey, hey, hey
All right let me brake it down one for time for you
You ************s
Yo Primo hold me down son, 'cause we ain`t playin no **********in games

[Lil` Fame]
**** the East Coast, this is N.Y., N.Y.
N-I-N-E, make *****s M-I-A
And I spray a, it`s Fizzy Womack truck
***** don`t get in my way
**** the jail faces, I leave your body for the homicide to trace
Fight along with the shell aces
Holler if you hear me
I turn your head into a skeleton skull
And leave it hollow if you hear me
I keep it funky, understand me son
I rock my Timb`s untied, I don`t plan to run
*****s see Lil` Fame creep through the back street
With my aluminum *** whoopa in the back-seat
What the **** is this? Your Van Damme flick, that`s cute
But I`m hear to **** up your day do
Yes (yes) yes (yes) yo
I step to my backwood to brown face and start clippin

[Chorus: M.O.P. & Teflon]
International, bell ringer, ruckus bringer
Downtown swinga, SS Thousand, my index finger
We here with the whole squad, First Family empire
Fizzy Womack (clack-clack) reportin for Roll Call
International, bell ringer, ruckus bringer
Downtown swinga, SS Thousand, my index finger
We here with the whole squad, First Family empire
Bert Dog (Bucka-Blaow) reportin for Roll Call

[Billy Danze]
Yo, what if I leave you, will you stand?
be -I-Double L-why-D-A-N-Z-E (Danze)
Back with a vengeance, listen Mr. Simmer
Before I throw copper tops through the back of your skimmer
Y`all *****s remember, 1-9-9-3 (M-O-P) what it`s goin be
Just make it loud and clear
Come here *****, I can`t hear *****
I`m deaf in one ear ***** (yeah *****)
You cowards are pathetic, if you wonderin if I`m sympathetic
Don`t bet it, you should give me a little credit
I grew up where it`s equivalent to none (none)
Wit blood in my palm (palm), I walk wit my arms (arms)
Hellerin marksmen (uh-huh), in the dark and the punks sparkin & barkin
At ease soldier, it`s the untouchable type, that you like
We burn pipes, it`s over

[Lil` Fame]
I rip ya body on a Nagamichi system
***** feel me, I want my goons
Straight bumpin the tunes of Makaveli
Headed to Queens kid, bumpin some mean ****
Bumps thumps on the side of me, smokin some green ****
(First Faaaaaaam) Feel the premonition son
We heavy metal, what`s your love? (Ghetto prisoners)
Racka (bung-bung) Racka (bung-bung) rrrrrrrrrrrrracka, ************

[Billy Danze]
Aiyo we live by the code of the streets
Move wit our peeps
Since it`s hard to eat, we hardly sleep
I put my life on the line every step of the way
It`s for a good cause (for you and yours) of course
Okay, now that we establish that
***** where the **** that money at
I know you got it, and I want it Jack
Just give me half of that
Take the other half and get yourself another pack
And I`ll be back for that


Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Premier Intro
  • 2 Welcome to Brownsville
  • 3 Everyday
  • 4 Ante Up (Robbing-Hoodz Theory)
  • 5 Face Off
  • 6 Warriorz
  • 7 G-Building
  • 8 Old Timers
  • 9 On the Front Line
  • 10 Nig-Gotiate
  • 11 Follow Instructions
  • 12 Calm Down
  • 13 Power
  • 14 Home Sweet Home
  • 15 Background Niggaz
  • 16 Cold as Ice
  • 17 Operation Lockdown
  • 18 Roll Call
  • 19 Foundation

  • Album Information
    label: Epic
    country(area): United Kingdom
    format: CD
    barcode: 5099749827721
    script: Latin